About us

Sharks is a consulting company having long-term partnership experience with the local and foreign investors. We offer highly qualified, full-scale legal and accounting services, also supporting in strategic planning of business, cash flows modelling, budget and finances and etc.

We believe, that qualified service is composed not only with completing the certain deal in accordance with applicable  legislation and/or successful execution of the transaction, but also with managing and handling the entire process at its all stages and in every component on the way to be considered the best interests of the client.  In addition, we know how to adjust client’s extraordinary intention to the certain legislative jurisdiction without violating public interest. 

Therefore, our main principles are:

  •  Professionalism;
  •  Innovation;
  •  Integrity;

Our Team

Our team has a long history of successful activity. We are comprised of professional lawyers and financiers, experienced in the leading development, financing and investment companies of Georgia.

“Sharks” advantage is that each team member permanently stays updated on the news and follows the challenges of modernity. We are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to overcome any kind of resistance in order to achieve the goals of the client.

We’re targeting on client’s success. Knowledge and qualification gained over the years gives us an opportunity to offer clients innovative and effective decisions for achieving their short-term and long-term goals.