Why Georgia

Without exaggeration can be said that Georgia has the most attractive investment environment not only among the post-soviet area, but in whole east European region, which is definitely resulted from the main following factors:

  • Absence of corruption;
  • Quick and flexible public services - lack of bureaucracy;
  • Transparent taxation system;
  • Hospitable and favorable environment;

These are the main reasons why our foreign partners fully or partly operating their business in Georgia. It’s easier to start business here than in the more developed countries. From this standpoint needs to be underlined the rapid and simplified services of the National Agency of the Public Registry under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, such as ability to register new company or changes in the registered records of the company within a day, ability to execute transactions related to the real estate in several hours and etc. Significant component of lack of bureaucracy is the unique system of “Public Service Halls” of Georgia, where in one space more than 400 public services related to the person, business and property are available. 

Also remarkable an effective taxation system of Georgia – holding one of the leading positions in the region in terms of transparency and simplicity. Relations with the tax authority practically is fully being carried out online through web portal of the “Revenue Service”, which gives opportunity to the entrepreneurs electronically to submit declarations, find and get aware with all necessary information and etc. without leaving the office.