Accounting Service

We’re offering remotely to carry out accounting service, which includes analyzing provided documentation and recording in the accounting software.   

We also offer submission of the tax and pension declarations and forms to the appropriate body and  the data of economic activity to the National Statistics Agency of Georgia.

Accounting service includes the following components:

•     Defining accounting strategy;

•     Handling original documentation;

•     Consulting over the accounting issues;

•     Data recording in electronic program;

•     Counting the taxes due to the tax legislation of Georgia;

•     Processing the information and submitting the relevant declarations to the tax authority;

•     Submission of declaration to the pension authority;

•     Relations with National Statistic Agency;

•     Reporting about debtors and creditors of the company;

•     Protect the client’s interests before the tax and supervisory authorities during planned and unplanned tax audit.